Have you ever heard about live escaping? We created a short video for you to get some better knowledge on how this game is working. Only the major rules are displayed, but you can have these infos in a nutshell. Enjoy the video, and come to Logiquit, and try live escaping experience! BOOK YOUR LIVE ESCAPING


Jun 2015


We have a fantastic new offer for you and your team: IF YOU BOOK YOUR GAME BETWEEN 09.06.-09.07. YOU CAN PLAY ANY SECOND ROOM FOR FREE! When you book your game online choose any game rooms you would like to play. Come to the booked appointment and when you finish the room, you and your team can play any other room FOR FREE, if the room isn’t reserved in that

Have you read the new article about the LogiQuit on the laist.com? No? Now here is the chance. Together with other 4 games in Los Angeles we got a very good and attractive review. Live Escape Games in LA are getting very popular. A bunch of very nice guys came to us and played the games from the laist.com editors. At that time only 2 rooms were ready. Now all


May 2015


We opened theĀ 2 last rooms in our shop! Now we have 5 complate adventure escape rooms, that are full of fun and mind breaking puzzles. Here you can read some more infos of these 2 new live escape facility. THE SECRET AGENT ROOM: This escape game room is based on the well known spy or secret agent stories. The game contains all the elements and objects that can be used

Everything is interactive these days. One of the most interesting fusions of digital culture with an older form is the escape room, which locks people behind a closed door and asks them to find a way out. In these live-action games there are no Houdini-style bindings for the friends or strangers who agree to be trapped together, just puzzles to solve and codes to crack. And the door is opened


Mar 2015

Groupon deal!

Here is the time when you have the chance to try our game for half price! https://www.groupon.com/deals/logiquit One very important thing on that: If you purchased a Groupon Voucher, than start your reservation, but don’t forget to write the word: GROUPON into the coupon field, than verify it, and of course use it. It won’t charge you, just start the transaction. If it not works just give us an email

We are from the original first wave in the Real Escape Rooms market. It is becoming a real-world trend. There is an actually appetite for events where people can be part of what we are doing in Los Angeles. Making games is the best part of our job! You have to try it to feel the difference. Our rooms are the classic ones which rule Europe, and now they are

Here you can try our video escape game: Although the atmosprhere is a bit dark and scary, our live escape rooms are much more delightful. The game rooms are mostly about teamwork and the joy of escaping rather than the scary situations. So if you succeded escaping the video, you might give a chance for a real life escape in one of our room in the heart of Los Angeles.

We gladly present you ‘The Warehouse of Jack Travis‘. The room will open on the 1st of March. You can make your bookings here for the room, as we already allowed our guests to book games for this new live escape room. Description: ‘This is the secret warehouse of the famous adventurer and archeologist Jack Travis. Some say that before his disappearance, he found a really valuable artifact, and hid

HEY! You almost forgot Valentines day! You still have some time to get a great present to your loved one. How about booking a dual game in one of our live escape rooms? It would be the most memorable gift for your partner. You will never forget the joy of escaping together. And you might feel how your relationship can work out in a situation, when you are trapped in